Stress Free Vision 

Is it thinkable to respond with eye relaxation exercises?  Yes, because self-help is possible, says George, a vision improvement teacher from Germany. And his statement gets confirmed by several studies all over the world. Vision improvement or at least the delay of many eye problems is possible. 

Back, neck, shoulders, butts, legs - for everything we have work outs, except for the eyes. This can be changed. Vision problems can be mitigated or even prevented with appropriate exercises.

Everyone who comes to George has his own eye history: shortsightedness, middle age farsightedness, glaucoma, macula-degeneration or hyperopia. George gives individual sessions and holds its courses in different eye institutes in Europe but also in companies, where he sees often frequent readers or screen workers. 

Doing something by your own 
Almost forty years ago, George himself was very nearsighted and needed from year to year stronger glasses finally seven diopters. Because he "wanted to do something about it by himself," he started with Osho’s meditations, with body work and emotional healing and experienced to his own surprise an improvement of his vison. With this experience his search began. He started to interview and study with many different therapist and teachers and developed within a few years his own vision relaxation program. 

Breathing and relaxation exercises, but also Qi-gong, acupressure, color therapy and targeted eye muscle workout that fits easily into everyday life, are the foundations of his "eye school". It is not about the abolition of the glasses, but about relaxation and conscious perception on the one hand and a harmonization of eye movements on the other. Just as you can learn to lift heavy loads and keep the spine supple, it is possible to learn seeing in an organic and relaxed matter. For the six powerful muscles that move the eyes, just as for all the others: they need tension and relaxation. Specifically: the interplay between distant and near looking and between light and darkness. 

One of the basic elements of the eye training is the shielding or "palming" the eyes. It goes back to the American eye doctor Dr. Bates and gives the eyes the absolute rest. It is a sheer blessing - balm for the eyes and soul. That eye and mind are closely linked, know poets since long ago. As an example of the beautiful set of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "you only see good with the heart." 

With seeing feelings are involved 
Neurologists and psychologists have confirmed in experiments: one only sees what one wants to see, and always feelings are involved. Tension and pressure are distributed throughout the whole body and weaken it. Usually you then breathe shallower and thus impedes the metabolism. Who is under psychological pressure, often feels head – and eye pain. And especially with children it affects their eye sight. If I am afraid of a situation and if I cannot change it, then it seems to be a perfect solution to create a fuzzy image of the stressful situation. According to Georges understanding and also his own experience: this is the foundation of many vision faults. 
Therefore, the eye training recommends in addition to relaxation exercises: awareness and mindfulness practice, meditations which relate to seeing, stress release techniques, emotional healing, yeah also supplements and - a good diet. 

Visual fitness can improve your performance

Vision training can even help with many sports. 80 to 90 percent of all decisions in sports are made on the basis of visual information. When players "See more," he says, they could assess situations quickly, the available weigh options and finally make the better decision. When both eyes are moved simultaneously and focus faster, a player could also estimate distance and trajectory of a ball much better. Vision work helps to improve your physical and mental performance.